Bethesda Care Team

As Jesus instructs and leads us, the Bethesda Care Team provides “emergency first aid” support to anyone of any age. No one is immune from the struggles and pain of this life.

These sudden crises might include:

  • sudden or emergency hospitalization for illness, injury, child delivery, and other health crises,

  • expected or unexpected grief, support and funeral assistance,

  • home, housing, or family crises,

  • home and nursing care visits,

  • care for sudden struggles of life; work, family, relationships, school, and faith issues.

  • referral options to our Stephens Ministry or professional services—as appropriate—for all the above and other care issues including pregnancy, substance abuse, and mental health.

You need not struggle alone!

For more information or assistance contact:
Kurt Mattison, Director of Care Ministry
Call/text 715-864-9039 or
or the church office at 715-835-5073.

If he cannot be reached call our after hours Care Phone at 715-559-0801


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Bethesda Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a Lay Christian Ministry grounded in Jesus’ command  to love one another.

At any given moment we are all subject to being "thrown a curve ball” in our lives. This may be in the form of an unexpected diagnosis, a death, a divorce, job loss, and many, many other life altering circumstances. No one is immune.

Friends and family are often there during the initial phase of a crisis but for a multitude of reasons this is usually short term support. Often there comes a point where others think you should be past the pain. This often causes the hurting to shut down and suffer in silence.

Our Stephen Ministers are highly trained individuals who are available to provide you with one on one, highly confidential, non judgmental, caring, loving support throughout the time of your suffering. We believe that no one should have to suffer in silence. We are a consistent presence, depending on God’s love to shine through us. We are fully dependent upon Him to guide us as we provide the suffering with spiritual and emotional support.

If you would like someone to walk beside you in your time of need, we are there for you.


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For more information, please contact
Sandra Harman, Team Coordinator

or one of our pastors at: 715-835-5073

For anyone who may be searching for a special way to serve the Lord,  we would ask you to prayerfully consider whether you would like to utilize your spiritual gifts of love, compassion, and caring for others in their time of need, and join our Stephen Ministry Team. I can think of nothing that provides such a loving Christian bond between two people — a bond that is God centered and God directed! If interested please feel free to call our contact number above or complete an application available at THIS LINK.