International Missions is an important part of who we are as a church body. In addition to supporting several missionaries around the world, Bethesda has adopted the Fulbe people of Chad, Africa. We have had a continuing relationship with the Fulbe people since 2002, which has included short-term mission projects, long-term missionaries, building fresh-water wells, providing mosquito nets, and most importantly helping spread the Gospel message among this people group.

Learn more about Lutheran Brethren mission work in Chad by clicking HERE.

You can learn more about Lutheran Brethren International Missions by clicking HERE.

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World Evangelism Sunday

World Evangelism Sunday is March 18, 2018! Our theme this year is ‘Continuing Strong’ Pastor Jim and Marilyn Erickson will join us for the day. They have served as missionaries in Africa, and in pastoral ministry here in the U.S. Pastor Jim will speak in both services about ‘Continuing Strong’ in our mission to the Fulbe. At noon, there will be a luncheon in the Fellowship Hall for the congregation. Jim and Marilyn will speak about ministry in Africa, and answer questions during this time.


Report on clean water well projects in Chad, Africa.